Match Report
Kent College Dubai Boys-U18A vs  Jumeirah College, Dubai
On: Monday, 17 Sep 2018
Venue: Away

The Men’s U19 Basketball team started the season this week with very little time to prepare however, the players from last season’s U16 team had been practicing over the summer in anticipation for the big match. The JC fixture saw two players, Zaid Yousef and Richard Vellinga, make their KCD basketball debut. We also had two players step up from the U16 team to add some depth to the squad, Leo and Lorenzo Casale. The game started in full swing with the team having to quickly adjust to the small court and low ceilings. Kent College lead at half time after some solid defense from Jonas Kurten and Luca Alberton. The team kept the pressure on as Lorenzo Raimondi tirelessly charged up and down the court. JC started to claw back the lead despite two 3 pointers from Richard Vellinga. As the dying seconds crept in, JC had the lead when Filip Elfving gained possession of the ball and scored a ’NBA style' 3 point shot to draw the match. As we went into extra time JC creeped in front despite excellent rebound play from Usama Qureshi. The final seconds of the match passed and JC held the lead 28 - 26. A tremendous performance by the U19 team and a great sign of things to come.