13 May 2017
Week 5 - Term 3

Semi Final Playoff Week

Unfortunately the results have echoed what happened last week. The league format for the playoffs, is where each school plays against teams that have had like for like results in the league, therefore the games should be pretty fair and even.

U12 Boys went to JESS and played a three way fixture night against JESS and WSO.


Kent 4 vs JESS 12 and Kent 11 vs WSO 12

U12 Girls won their game vs American Academy through default.


Kent won through walk over and immediate progress into the finals week.

U14 Boys played host to DIA and GEMS Metropole in another three way fixture. An exceptionally tough fixture that was closely fought between all three teams.


Kent 11 vs DIA 31 and Kent 5 vs GEMS Met 21

U14 Girls played host to DESC (B) and DC (C) teams. Three highly enjoyable and challenging matches for our Kent girls. DC and DESC have some very athletic and talented ball players but our girls pushed them and had each game competitive.


Kent 13 vs DESC 18 and Kent 10 vs DC 20

U15 Boys Tapeball Quarter Final vs Dubai College

Kent went into bat first and scored 90 for 7 wickets. Unfortunately we gave away too many early wickets ,which put the pressure on our tail batsman. Despite all our best bowling efforts we couldn't see out the game and unfortunately lost by 3 wickets and 4 runs. The team have really development and progress and this bodes well for the NSL league and next years tapeball leagues.